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And it’s time for the Outlander Clip O’ The Day! 

(original photography property of starz)

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TITLE: Mo nighean donn
ARTIST: Jamie Fraser
ALBUM: Outlander
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My brown-haired lass

Now you can hear what Colin sounds like in my head when I’m trying to write him. Yes this is Sims related…my Sims related.

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hitomi showing off one of the possible uniforms for the bakery~

omfgggggg byeeeeeee.. lookit all the regret in her face tho.. she reliving all the ghosts of granger’s past. bye.

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Friendly reminder to myself:


Losing weight doesn’t solve all of your problems. You’re the same person just slightly smaller. You body was never the problem to begin with, your mind is the problem. Change your mentality, change your life. Trust me.

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Honeymoon and Misc Replies

prettysgi  reblogged this from you and added: 

He does remind me of Sam Heughan o____o That means I love him cause I’m completely in love with that scott.

*jumps up and down* Thank you. I tried to make him as close to Sam’s Jamie Fraser but you can only do so much with Sims sliders and hair. I hope it’s at least his essence. 

stellatorontosims said: Is it getting hot in here? The suspense is killing me ;-)

Lol! I’m happy you liked it. 

iamg-knee said: * fanning self * 

*smiling mischievously in a corner*

napoleonfrost said: Tehehe

You must have peaked. ;-)

stellatorontosims said: O-O, Oh my ;-)

Lol. And that’s not from the side.

goatkibble said: Of COURSE we want to see what she’s seeing! What a silly question :P


tumblinrob said: *gasp* Such filth you’ve plastered on my dash… More please! ;)

This made me laugh and made my day. Thank you. I aim to please. 

iamg-knee said: Nahhhh!!! 💖

I know. They are sooo sweet together.

mckatsims said: Rachel is really beautiful and elegant!

Thank you! I think she is too.

prettysgi said: Of course he succeeded hehe

Was there any doubt?  

goatkibble said: Oh please, he is not sorry at all. lol :)

Yeah I think he’s pretty proud of himself of leaving a reminder for her. Naughty Colin. 

iamg-knee said: Nahhhh! Thistle is beautiful!

Thank you. I love her coloring. 

Pre-Honeymoon Replies (Magda Love Addition)

iamg-knee said: Nahhh! Rachel doesn’t look too scared tho! ;) (I know it’s impossible (w/o mods!), but Magda looks preggers!!! LOL!)

LOL! Yeah she does. She’s just really plump. 

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                 WHAHAA, I love her.
She’s a character!
roseoftheoakmoonsims said: I love Magda so much. XD
She’s such a lovable housekeeper. 
above-reproach said: hahaha. I love her.
Love her too.
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Wedding Reception Replies

isnasims said: It’s beautiful *o* I love how you’ve decorated ^^ It really look like the guests are about to come and the celebration will start soon :D

Thank you so much!

tumblinrob said: What a happy lad!

Yeah he did that a lot during and after the reception. 

stellatorontosims said: Rachel & Colin look so much in love. said: Rachel & Colin look so much in love.

Yeah they do. They are so happy together. 

iamg-knee said: LOL! Looks like milk, not wine! ROFL!!!!!

I know. I wish it was the right color. Lol!

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Wedding Ceremony Replies Pt 2

napoleonfrost said: These wedding pictures are seriously awesome!

That means sooo much coming from you. Thank you.

iamg-knee said: Ahhh! Great wedding!!! haha It appears Nellie has her eye on one of the brothers(?)! LOL!

Thank you!! Yeah and he’s married. Nellie is a chronic flirt. 

iamg-knee said: Wonderful! And beautiful pics!!! <3 

Thank you so much! 

sims3junkie said: What a beautiful wedding!

Thank you! 

stellatorontosims said: It was such a beautiful wedding :D I’m thrilled to be even a small part of your amazing story.

Thank you. I’m happy to have you as part of it since you are Rachel’s “mama” after all.

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Wedding Ceremony Replies Pt 1 (sorry so late)

goatkibble said: Your dedication to perfect set-building is amazing!

*hugs you* Thank you. I needed a Xanax after this wedding. 

iamg-knee said: He wants to make sure he gets a front row seat!!!!! LOL!

Lol! :D

stellatorontosims reblogged this from you and added:

This is my first reblog. Couldn’t resist. I’m over the moon with how my little girl, Rachel looks on her wedding day. Thank you thesimgrove adding Rachel to your DV family. I wait riveted to see what happens next 

Thank you so much! I’m honored! Thank you for sharing Rachel and Colin really thanks you. 

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Thank you !!
stellatorontosims said: I’m so excited. Beautiful pictures :D
Thank you!! :)
above-reproach said: These are truly beautiful.
Thank you so much!


I have to reblog this. He’s just so adorable here. Male virginity is so underrated like Claire said in the book. Jamie’s expression is like “wow that’s what I’ve been missing.” Sam played this so well with these little expressions. 

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"I’ve worn kilts before," Sam confessed…with pride. "I thoroughly enjoy it. When I do have to put trousers on now, I sort of refuse and stomp my feet because riding a horse in a kilt is very liberating, very freeing actually. And very comfortable. Also, should you ever need to do a nature relief, go to the restroom behind a tree, it’s very quick, it’s very easy. I recommend it for everyone." (x)


Jamie on top, requested by anightwithjamiefraser

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Rachel had slept in the following morning, having been up all night with Colin on their wedding night. When she finally made it down stairs for lunch he had a surprise waiting for her. 

"She’s bonny, isn’t she?" He asked proudly. 

"Oh yes." 

"She’s yours, mo chridhe. 

"You’re too generous, Colin." She hugged her new horse. "I think I’ll call her Thistle."

"Do ye want to ride Thistle ‘long side Duff and I? Tis goin’ to be grand day for a ride."

"As much as I’d love to Colin, I…um…don’t think I’m up for riding today." She replied, her face turning bright red.

"I guess I was a wee bit enthusiastic wi’ my affections for ye last night. I’m sorry." He smiled shyly, handing her a carrot to feed Thistle. “Do ye think Duff will like her?”

"Absolutely." Rachel watched with joy as her new horse ate out her hand. 



Play ‘Amphibians’ in 2011 || Source Google Images, RWDavenport Photography

Review — Telegraph

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Oaklands Rest

Hello on my tumblr Simmers! This is my first uploaded creation so welcome and enjoy my new stuff coming soon! :)



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