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Description: Formerly the home of the royal family and an important strategic location, the city of Dronningslund has a rich and visible history to explore. In modern times, Dronningslund has evolved into a city known for its cultural finessé, rich nightlife, and picturesque canals.

World details

Dronningslund is based on a mixture of Danish and European towns. It contains both a city area and space for a suburb and farms. I’ve included what I consider the most important community lots and a fair amount of residential housing. I’m planning on uploading additional lots in the future, as optional additions, for anyone that’d want them.

Required EPs: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University and Island Paradise

CC:The world contains custom rabbithole rugs, retaining walls, string lights and matching terrain paint. Links and a list of the necessary rugs are included in the download.

  • Important: Customsims is down. I’ve uploaded the necessary rugs here. (To the creators, feel free to message me if you feel this violates your TOU, which I coincidentally can’t see right now, and I’ll take it down) Notice that you’ll still need to get the Bistro rug from MTS.

Size: Largest map

Spawners: All, except the adventure ones.

Lots: 84 total, ca. 28 residential, 32 community, 23 empty



The savefile contains premade sims, named rabbitholes and other goodies. I’ve included both regular sims, townies, and NPCs, which means you’ll see some non-pudding sims around town as mixologists, maids, living in apartment, and so forth.  (There will however still be some EA ones generated)

Population:  85 sims in total. 56 residents, 13 townies, 9 NPCs, 11 pets and 7 ghosts.

A big thank you to the people who have helped me along the way. Credits for the containing walls goes to Gelina and Around The Sims, thanks to you! And thanks to all the very helpful beta testers.

If you’d like, please tag “Dronningslund” or “Fagersims”, so I can enjoy any pretty pictures you post : )


- Download -



Installation instructions and CC list are included in the ZIP file


- Additional/optional lots - 

Slagetsbugt Badehotel (Resort)

Tivoli Gardens (Amusement Park)

Brovej 6 (Residential)


- CAW Files -


  • Intended for personal tweaking and the like, please don’t re-upload if you’ve only made minor changes or tweaks. 
  • You’ll need to add the required CC for the world in your CAW framework too, or it’ll disappear from the world.


- Known issues / fixes - 

Sims sometimes “sink” when walking over bridges, this is only cosmetic, but will be updated if i ever update the world.

Boats tend to get stuck. See: Improving routing lag in Dronningslund


I think this is going to be the world where I’m going to put my selfsim in.  I’m tired of sunset valley for sure and the save is so laggy - time to port!


It’s A Little Toasty In Here


It’s A Little Toasty In Here

"Is there a problem with my burger?"

All time favorite scene!!!

(Source: pheeta)


Newsea Uproar Retextured - All Ages

A cute, middle-length hair. Custom CAS thumbnails.

Texture by Pooklet, EA Control by Anubis




Game Of Thrones Part II - Jon Snow and his glorious lips, I just wish we had his amazing hair to boot. Anyway he is yours for the taking have fun with him, do as you like just do NOT claim him as your own. 

He is in .sim folder you just unzip him to the Saved Sims folder and download any necessary cc to get him to show up like he does in my game.  If you decide to do the .sims3 pacakge all you have to do is double-click the folder or right-click and chose open and it will isntall via the launcher.

CC LIST: (without your lovelies our sims would be ugly)

Default Skintone (Defined Eye) | Default Eyes | Face Shine | Lipstick | Eyebags1 | Eyebags 2 | Eyebrows | Overcoat | Beard  | Hair 


Head | Lip & Nose Body | Facial 

JON SNOW .Sim File

JON SNOW .Sims3 Package

Awesome job!!


ILYFS Maternity Enabled Dresses Pt 5

I have enabled some more of ILikeYourFaceSims’ dresses for maternity. I take no credit for the dress itself, or the meshes, just for adding the morph. They have been compressed. Package files only.

TOU: Ugh, please don’t break them again would be a start? Don’t reupload, claim as your own, put them on paysites. This is more for the benefit of ILikeYourFaceSims’ hard work for creating them in the first place.

Download: Mega


Brit & her boyfriend Austin attending the Oscar red carpet event on the sims fb community :)

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